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  • 28/07/15

    Energy Fuels emerging as the major US uranium player

    Curtis Moore, vice president of Energy Fuels (TSE:EFR) (NYSE:UUUU), says the company is emerging as the major uranium producer in the United States after its acquisition of Uranerz earlier this year.

  • 07/07/15

    VolitionRX seeks to revolutionise cancer diagnosis Share

    New York-listed VolitionRx aims to revolutionise cancer screening, and its chief executive Cameron Reynolds explains to Proactive Investors the basics behind the company’s technology, which works on a “very, very small amount of blood”, and is less invasive and more cost-effective than many competing diagnostic processes. Results from trials of the technology have been very encouraging, and the European CE mark for the first test – on colorectal cancer – could be secured within a year with approval from the US’s Food and Drug Administration set to follow the following year. With 93mln people undergoing these diagnostic tests every two or three years, the market for the company’s products is enormous.

  • 27/03/15

    Greencastle Resources CEO outlines royalty strategy

    Tony Roodenburg, chief executive of Greencastle Resources (CVE:VGN), discusses the company’s strategy with Proactive Investors and explains why a share buyback is the best option for the company and its shareholders. Roodenburg explains: ‘Our business model is to try to get interesting assets, advance them a little bit and then hopefully find a partner to come and take on the more risky part of the exploration and we would then keep a royalty on the property.’ Greencastle’s CEO also talks about Deveron Resources in which the company has a 65% stake.

  • 19/03/15

    PDAC 2015 presentations: Endeavour Silver

    Terry Chandler, vice president of corporate development at Endeavour Silver (NYSE:EXK, TSE:EDR), explains his plans for the company at the PDAC Power Breakfast 2015.

  • 19/03/15

    PDAC 2015 presentations: Arian Silver

    Jim Williams, chief executive of Arian Silver (LON:AGQ, CVE:AGQ), talks investors through the strategy at the PDAC Power Breakfast 2015.

  • 19/03/15

    PDAC 2015 presentations: Largo Resources

    Mark Brennan, president, chief executive and director of Largo Resources (CVE:LGO), presents to investors at the PDAC Power Breakfast 2015.

  • 27/02/15

    Canadian Overseas Petroleum CFO on ‘significant’ tie-up with Shoreline Energy

    Christopher McLean, the chief financial officer of Canadian Overseas Petroleum (LON:COPL), explains the benefits of teaming up with Shoreline Energy to form a new venture that is expected to invest in new projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. COPL and Shoreline will each own 50% of the new vehicle which will be called Shoreline CanOverseas Petroleum Development Corporation (or ShoreCan). It has already secured assets in Tanzania and Namibia, and it is evaluating projects in Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique.

  • 27/02/15

    Mandalay Resources unveils positive Q4 figures

    Record production in its fourth quarter helped gold and silver miner Mandalay Resources (TSE:MND) lift fourth quarter profits despite weak prices for both metals.In the three months to December 2014 revenues rose by 71% to US$67m from a year earlier, underlying profit was up by 55% to US$21.5m and net profit rose by 71% to US$7.6m. The company's president Mark Sanders tells Proactiveinvestors about some very positive reserve announcements from operations in Bjokdal Sweden, Cerro Bayo in Chile and the Australia Costerfield property. Mandalay Resources' fortunes are in stark contrast to the rest of the junior miners. Despite weakness in gold and silver prices, Mandalay has been working hard to push its cash costs down to record lows and improve margins to pay dividends

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