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So just why is large flake graphite the best?

One key to a successful graphite mine is flake size. Why is this?
So just why is large flake graphite the best?
Graphite from an African project

Is it the size, or simply the lack of impurities associated with the size?

In an earlier article we implied that large flake graphite was better because electrical current travelled more efficiently between fewer, larger flakes.

Paul Fergusson from Great Lakes Graphite Inc (CVE:GLK) got in touch to say it’s not quite that simple:

“I enjoyed your article on graphite. Interesting theory on why large flakes are desirable for conductive applications. I am not sure that it is correct though and it does not square with explanations I have received in the past.

In my experience, graphite for battery anode material is micronized to 5-20 microns, which is extremely fine powder. There is another explanation as to why large flakes are desirable for use as a precursor for battery material but it does not have to do with travel distance.

The large flake material is inherently higher purity. Battery material needs to be very high purity, so the fewer impurities you have to remove, the more efficient the process.

The problem is you are taking your highest value concentrate and grinding it into powder. If you have a low yield making anode material then you are left with a large amount of by-product, very fine powder, which would have had a higher value sold as large flake.”


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