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Join over 200 other listed companies’ as a sponsor of Proactiveinvestors to increase your profile on one of the largest online investment communities in the world. If your company has interesting prospects we can help communicate this to our highly targeted readership through our global websites and investor forums.

Run by Investors for Investors, Proactiveinvestors operates five equity focused, editorial driven websites that receive more than 1 million visitors every month. We operate websites in Australia, North America, United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong focused on stock market news, company specific news, commodity related news and in-depth comment and analysis. We also translate our content into German, Simple & Traditional Mandarin.

Our model of operating several websites hosted in different territories generates exposure for sponsors in their primary market while also addressing other key secondary markets.

Our strong web-based readership overlaps perfectly with our investor forums, which tap into our regional audiences’ appetite to learn about potential investment opportunities. Our forums are hosted in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Boston and boast an impressive following, typically attracting 80-120 high net worth investors, brokers, analysts and fund managers. All the more noteworthy when one considers that we host our forums in the evening, and allow a maximum of four companies to present.

Each forum ends with a breakout session to give the presenting companies an opportunity to take additional questions from attendees. In 2010, we will host at least 60 forums across the globe.

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