stocktube videos Proactiveinvestors stocktube videos RSS feed en Sat, 24 Feb 2018 07:21:50 -0500 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) Drill targeting ‘going really well’ at Avrupa Minerals’ Alvito licence in Portugal Avrupa Minerals Ltd’s (CVE:AVU) chief executive Paul Kuhn and director Mark Brown update investors at Mines and Money 2017 in London.

Kuhn tells Proactive that drilling at the Alvito iron oxide-copper-gold licence in Portugal has “gone really well” so far and is in good shape for further drilling in the new year.

“We started off with five or six drill targets on the licence and now we probably have 12 or 15, so we’re looking good for drilling in the spring”

Avrupa is a prospect generator that looks to take early-stage projects, build them up and then joint venture them off to mining partners.

Most of its focus is in Portugal where it has three licences in the pyrite belt and one licence in the iron oxide-copper-gold belt.

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Avrupa Minerals' Paul Kuhn 'really excited' to take back control of Alvalade Paul Kuhn, chief executive of Avrupa Minerals Ltd (CVE:ARU) discusses with Proactive's Andrew Scott their decision to take back full control of the Alvalade VMS project in the Iberian pyrite belt of southern Portugal.

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Avrupa Minerals looking to up its profile among European investors Paul Kuhn, chief executive of Avrupa Minerals Ltd (CVE:ARU) runs Proactive through their two recent fundraises, where they're looking to spend the cash and how they're keen to up their profile among investors in Europe.

Avrupa currently holds eight exploration licenses in three European countries, including five in Portugal, two in Kosovo and one in Germany.

The company's recently pulled in a big hitting partner for its Alvito iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) project in southern Portugal in the shape of Oz Minerals Limited (ASX:OML).

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Avrupa investors get 'good exposure to a lot of different metals', says chairman Avrupa Minerals (CVE:AVU) is a Europe-focused mining group. They've spent $193,961 on exploration for the three months to end September. This included $9,941 on the Covas joint venture, $168,419 on the Alvalade copper project, and  $24,506 on Alvito, $24,969 on Slivovo - a gold and silver project, it revealed in quarterly numbers. Avrupa operates three joint ventures, two in Portugal and one in Kosovo.

Speaking about their project in Kosovo chairman Mark Brown tells Proactive: ''Right now we own 25% of the project, we can get diluted down to 15% and we can fund that 15% or we have the option of taking a 2% net smelter royalty and that could be quite a good option for us and our shareholders because we won't have to raise any further funds for that, it would be fully funded by our partner''.

Looking at their other projects, Brown adds: ''Portugal is a great example of what we're doing really. We're looking in Europe, in old mining districts for very large deposits and we're using modern techniques. When we get a project to the stage that it's ready to be drilled which costs a lot more money we quite often go and find a partner to do that drilling.''

''We've raised about $12 mln throughout the life of the company which isn't that much money but we've also had another $12 mln on top of that spent directly on exploration funded by partners. We've had two drill programs every year in the life of the company, signed one new joint venture partner every year in the life of the company and we've made two discoveries''.

''Investors get good exposure to a lot of different metals and they don't have to pay for all the exploration as our partners often do'', Brown says.

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Avrupa Minerals chief hails "exciting" Portugal project pipeline Paul Kuhn chief executive of Avrupa Minerals (CVE:AVU) says next year is going to be a big one for the gold explorer.
“Next year will be a very important year for the project, our partner will have to decide whether they want to move forward,” says Kuhn.
Avrupa’s partners at the Slivovo project in Kosovo are preparing a budget for further prefeasibility work.
“We think there is good merit in doing more drilling, we think the project is going to become bigger and bigger as time goes on,” he adds.
Aside from everything going on in Kosovo, Kuhn says there are a number of “exciting” projects coming up in Portugal.

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Avrupa Minerals boss excited by potential at Slivovo project Mark Brown, director of Avrupa Minerals (CVE:AVU) tells Proactive's Juliet Mann more about the junior mining firm, which is exploring for gold and base metals in Europe.
It has already made two discoveries and has two resources, he points out.
The latest results from its Slivovo project in Kosovo, on which it is joint ventured with Peshter Mining,  are very exciting, he explained, which showed gold in a new area, and that the deposit is open in other directions.
It already has a resource of 100,000 ounces of gold at 5 g/t gold, which could be increased further through forthcoming years' work, he said.
A preliminary economic assessment is earmarked to be completed for March 2017.
Kosovo's a country, which really needs mining, he said, adding that unemployment was at about 46%.
The idea is that the profits from early mining here would allow the group to explore further targets in the area.

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Avrupa Minerals pushing ahead with prospect generator model Paul Kuhn, chief exec of Avrupa Minerals (CVE:AVU) discusses the company’s strategy and portfolio of mineral deposits in Portugal, Kosovo and Germany.

Avrupa’s ‘prospect generator’ model avoids the pitfalls of exploration stocks: i.e high exposure to a single project, high rates of dilution and low odds of success.

It’s diversified through a portfolio of copper, zinc, tungsten, silver and iron oxide and specialises in recruiting partners with deeper pockets to fund drilling programs.

The end-game is to have a minority stake in an operating mine further down the line and, ultimately, create value for shareholders.

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Avrupa hits a 'major discovery' in Portugal and is now awaiting more drill results Mon, 03 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0500 Avrupa Minerals is moving ahead in 2014 CVE:AVU), speaks with Proactive Investors about the company's business model as a prospect generator, picking up projects at early stages of development and finding larger JV partners to fund the projects through exploration. Kuhn explains why Germany, Kosovo, and Portugal are areas of interest, as well as Avrupa's strategy to mitigate risk, and how the company will be moving ahead through 2014.]]> Thu, 13 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0500 Avrupa Minerals looking for more j/v partners for its exploration programme CVE:AVU) tells Proactiveinvestors the company will start drilling at its Alvalade copper project in Portugal with its j/v partner Antofagasta Minerals next January. The company is looking for more j/v partners for its exploration programme, he says.]]> Thu, 05 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0500 Avrupa Minerals making "really exciting" progress on its drill programmes Thu, 24 Jan 2013 00:00:00 -0500