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Medlab Clinical obtains positive data proving efficacy of NanaBidial medicinal cannabis in completed phase-one trial

The clinical study was a blinded, randomised trial showing plasma concentrations were achieved quickly with a product half-life of about four hours....

on 08/15/2019

Medlab Clinical continues US expansion with HoA

Both companies are now working on both the definitive agreement and product market launch....

on 08/04/2019

Medlab Clinical achieves over $3 million revenue for June quarter, shares rise

Medlab is a medical research company with a track record of bringing its nutraceutical and cannabis products to market....

on 07/03/2019

Medlab Clinical receives human ethics approval for cannabis-based pain management medicine trial

Medlab expects to roll this trial out to 2,000 patients across Australia, making it one of the most significant cannabis trials to date. ...

on 06/18/2019

Medlab Clinical signs second international distribution deal for NanaBis

The agreement is with a major international Thai pharmaceutical company....

on 05/27/2019

Medlab Clinical collaborates with Chronic Pain Australia

Medlab has two cannabis-based medicines, NanaBis™ and NanaBidial™....

on 04/15/2019

Medlab CEO presents clinical NanaBis update to medical practitioners

The company is pleased with data it has collected to date for NanaBis....

on 03/13/2019

Medlab Clinical does deal for global distribution of NanaBis

The development and distribution deal is in the form of a heads of agreement....

on 03/04/2019

Medlab Clinical expands depression trial recruitment, shares open 5% higher

New research corroborates the company’s direction of studying the use of NRGBiotic™ to improve gut health....

on 02/13/2019

Medlab Clinical signs deal to launch its nutraceuticals in Priceline Pharmacy

Along with Priceline, more than 2100 independent pharmacies will also be able to access Medlab’s nutraceutical range....

on 01/29/2019

Medlab Clinical takes EMA and FDA approval track as cannabis research continues

A phase I study in Australia is evaluating a cannabis spray therapeutic in cancer patients....

on 01/22/2019

Medlab Clinical eyes cost savings following receipt of SME status in Europe

Drug registration of NanaBis in Europe is a key part of Medlab’s plans and the SME qualification allows it to start the process....

on 01/17/2019

Medlab Clinical receives preliminary results from NanoStat trial

NanoStat refers to the delivery of the drug Atorvastatin using NanoCelle....

on 01/08/2019

Medlab outlines business development objectives at open day

Yesterday, Medlab revealed it had made progress expanding cannabis-based medicines into Europe....

on 12/04/2018

Medlab Clinical expanding cannabis-based medicines into Europe

By having a European subsidiary, Medlab can save on drug registration fees....

on 12/03/2018

Medlab Clinical substantial shareholder Farjoy lifts holding through on-market purchases

The Sydney-based investor has demonstrated confidence in the company’s medical research strategy....

on 10/30/2018

Medlab Clinical proceeding to stage II for cannabis cancer trial

The company will now proceed with stage II of the human clinical trial....

on 10/29/2018

Medlab Clinical receives vital licence to export cannabis

The licence opens up potential international markets for its cannabis-based medicines....

on 09/10/2018

Medlab Clinical receives positive early research results for NanoCelle™

NanoCelle™ is a mouth spray delivery system targeting cannabis-based medicines....

on 09/03/2018