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Peppermint Innovation increases sales and program reach in June quarter while meeting operational objectives

Peppermint has begun a targeted quarter-three marketing campaign and with funding from PEGG Capital is well-positioned to capitalise on its growth objectives....

on 07/31/2019
Industry & services

Peppermint Innovation gains global recognition for driving financial inclusion

Inclusive Fintech 50 rewards high-potential start-up companies that have viable products and business models ready for investment....

on 07/03/2019

Peppermint Innovation launches app at the Cooperative Health Management Federation assembly

The first phase of the Peppermint-developed mobile app allows CHMF’s 41,088 members to locate accredited medical centres and make appointments, as well as other transactional capabilities. ...

on 05/17/2019

Peppermint Innovation expands operations in March quarter, cash receipts up 92%

The Philippines’ largest interbank network of local and offshore banks BancNet has teamed up with the company in the provision of mobile banking technology and services. ...

on 04/30/2019

Peppermint Innovation to receive $5 million funding through increased PEGG Capital equity

The funding arrangement provided by PEGG Capital will enable Peppermint to advance its growth strategy. ...

on 04/29/2019
Industry & services

Peppermint Innovation’s international bill payment service goes live for Bizmoto customers

Filipino’s living and working in Australia can directly pay a variety of bills for their family and friends living in the Philippines....

on 04/18/2019

Peppermint Innovation confirms funding support from two strategic investors

PEGG Capital is set to fill the Smide Digital Trust placement agreement of $1.5 million by March 31, 2019 and Caason Group will increase its initial 12-month $250,000 convertible note to $1.5 million. ...

on 03/01/2019

Lithium Mine to Market conference in Perth this week to put spotlight on lithium industry

The conference will be held at the Parmelia Hilton in Perth this Thursday and Friday, February 21 and 22....

on 02/17/2019

Peppermint Innovation collaborates with BancNet on mobile banking technology and services

BancNet is the Philippines single automated teller machine (ATM) switch operator, connecting the networks of local and offshore banks. ...

on 02/15/2019

Peppermint Innovation launches international remittance service to India

India is the second largest global remittance market for Australia, with USD$1.9 billion transferred by Australians to India in 2017....

on 09/13/2018

Peppermint Innovation begins expansion into Asian markets with Philippines partnership

The company will soon look to provide money transfer services to its next target markets of India and Vietnam....

on 07/26/2018

Peppermint Innovation looks to expand global business through acquisition of AusRemit

The company has a focus on developing countries where there are limited similar services....

on 03/15/2018

Peppermint Innovation rolling out payment gateway services in Philippines

The company had raised $1 million earlier this month....

on 09/28/2017

Peppermint Innovation’s shares surge on raising $1M at a premium

The funds will support the rollout of Peppermint’s mobile banking platform in the Philippines....

on 09/03/2017

Peppermint Innovation set to lift cash balance for mobile banking development

The halt will remain in place until Monday 4th September 2017....

on 08/31/2017

Peppermint Innovation rolls out new remittance solution in Philippines

The app will allow unbanked Filipinos to pay bills and transfer funds....

on 05/31/2017