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Vault Intelligence targets $10 million recurring revenue for FY20

The company delivered record results in the last quarter for cash receipts with the business breaking through the $1.5 million barrier for the first time....

on 07/29/2019

Vault Intelligence confirms record June quarter growth

Shares in the company have nearly doubled over the past month from a low of 14 cents to a last traded price of 26 cents....

on 07/21/2019

Vault Intelligence shares surge after meeting revenue guidance through significant customer signings

The company’s shares are trading about 28% higher intra-day, at 22 cents....

on 07/07/2019

Vault Intelligence set to earn $2.1 million through five-year StateCover Mutual contract extension

Ongoing commitments for enhanced software services beyond FY20, as well as in addition to the co tract, will be negotiated on an annual basis....

on 07/02/2019

Vault Intelligence strengthens executive team with financial and commercial skills

The board passes on its gratitude and deep appreciation to outgoing CFO Brent Melhop and acknowledges the commitment and loyalty he displayed in his tenure. ...

on 06/12/2019

Vault Intelligence opens Singapore office to meet growing demand in Southeast Asia

The office has been opened on the back of significant demand for the Vault Solo product line....

on 05/27/2019

Vault Intelligence posts record quarterly results amid strong growth pipeline

The software-as-a-service company is predicting further growth in upcoming quarters due to advanced commercial deals currently under negotiation. ...

on 04/22/2019

Vault Intelligence’s new chairman has experience in technology sector

Ross Jenkins is a highly respected SaaS strategist and former Xero senior operations executive....

on 03/20/2019

Vault Intelligence’s recently appointed COO buys shares on-market

Vault provides risk and safety management software in Australia with over 400 customers across 8 countries and offices in Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth....

on 03/12/2019

Vault Intelligence enters strategic partnership for Solo safety solution with Jurong Port in Singapore

The port authorities will use Vault’s Solo solution to enhance safety and operational efficiency. ...

on 03/03/2019

Vault Intelligence delivers strong development in first half of 2019 financial year

Vault recorded new contracted annualised recurring revenue sales for the period, generated cash receipts of around $2 million and launched the new Solo App for mobile phones. ...

on 02/28/2019

Vault Intelligence refines business structure to maximise growth

Vault’s software-as-a-service business delivers solutions in the risk, environment, health and safety sector....

on 02/21/2019

Vault Intelligence director shows confidence in the company’s software solutions strategy

Vault non-executive director David Rose has purchased 25,000 shares on market. ...

on 02/05/2019

Vault Intelligence expands role of David Rose

The company provides risk and safety management software to over 400 customers....

on 01/30/2019

Vault Intelligence to add Solo worker-tracking revenues to new CARR figures

Contracted revenues were $3.7 million last quarter but didn’t include Solo app sales for Samsung watches....

on 01/21/2019

Vault Intelligence maintains $6 million revenue guidance

The company is experiencing growth and increased demand....

on 11/19/2018
Industry & services

Vault Intelligence director demonstrates faith in company by on-market share purchases

Ross Jenkins has purchased 2 million Vault shares with a total value of more than $43,000....

on 11/05/2018

Vault Intelligence confirms Asia-Pacific distribution partner for Solo product line

ACA Pacific is known for selecting and integrating ‘best-of-breed’ software and hardware to meet changing business dynamics....

on 09/25/2018

Vault Intelligence has new substantial shareholder in Regal Funds Management

The first tranche of a $5 million placement was issued late last week....

on 09/09/2018

Vault Intelligence raises $5 million from high-quality investors to fund Vault Solo roll-out

Institutional investors made up the bulk of the raising, a sign of commitment the company views as encouraging....

on 09/03/2018

Vault Intelligence achieves record growth in recurring revenue for financial year 2018

Customer count has crossed 400 with +1 million workers protected and +22,000 app users....

on 08/30/2018
Industry & services

Vault Intelligence granted trading halt pending capital raising news

The halt will remain in place until the start of trade on Monday or when an announcement is released....

on 08/29/2018

Vault Intelligence launches new Vault Solo product line

The workforce management app is designed to protect and manage workers who are working alone....

on 08/27/2018