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XTEK Limited (XTEK), listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:XTE), is Australia's homeland security specialist, providing high-quality products and solutions to defence, law enforcement agencies and other government departments, to protect and sustain their people, national interests and our way of life.

Tactical and Protective Security

XTEK specialises in providing integrated solutions to defence, law enforcement and national security agencies as well as cutting-edge technologies to outside agencies. XTEK imports, refines, develops and engineers solutions to provide protective security and tactical solutions that are a step above our competitors.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems

XTEK is the authorised sales representative for Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania for the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

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The Forensic sales division of XTEK has been supplying Australasian Police and Laboratory clients with high-quality instruments and products for over 15 years.

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XTEK is the primary provider to the Department of Defence for portable X-ray equipment, demolition remote firing systems, search, detection equipment, Hook and Line EOD tools and heavy RPV robots.

XTEK supports EOD and Tactical Law Enforcement agencies within Australia with all equipment from wire cutters to Bomb Response Vehicles. XTEK also has the ability to provide more than off the shelf solutions with the backing of an experienced engineering and maintenance division. XTEK works closely with operational EOD technicians in the research and development of new technologies to support EOD and IEDD operations domestic and abroad.

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XTclave™ Technology (Hydroclave)

The XTclave™ Composite Consolidation Technology (CCT) was initially developed as a batch-type manufacturing process for ballistic protection laminates, specifically Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI), and employs the programmable cycling of significant isostatic pressure (300bar) and temperature to achieve composite consolidation in thermoset and thermoplastic based systems.  Significant isostatic pressure is applied to the article being manufactured within the processing chamber by a circulating liquid medium that transfers heat extremely efficiently.

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Last updated 4th December 2018

Mr Uwe Boettcher

Mr. Boettcher is the Principal of the law firm, Boettcher Law, Canberra and is a Notary Public, Chairman of GPSports Systems Pty Limited, Kord Defence Pty Limited and KordTech Pty Limited, a founding Committee Member of Capital Angels, and Company Secretary of Savine Therapeutics Pty Limited, ANU Connect Ventures Pty Limited and ANU/MTAA Super Venture Capital Pty Limited.

Mr Robert Quodling
Executive Director

Robert (Bob) Quodling has extensive experience as a leader and motivator of high performance teams in the defence and aerospace sectors at the operational and executive level. His skills have been gained in a diverse range of activities including corporate governance, corporate planning, financial planning, project management, marketing, sales and business development.

Bob is a co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Simmersion Holdings Pty Limited. He was instrumental in establishing and growing Simmersion from start up.

Prior to 2004, Bob ran his own consulting business and before that held appointments as CEO Fire Control Systems, General Manager - Operations and Marketing and Director Business Development at Electro Optic Systems (EOS), in Canberra, Australia. He held a range of command and operations appointments in the Australian Army between 1975 and 1994, and was awarded a Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM) for conspicuous service with the Special Air Service Regiment.

Mr Ivan Slavich
Non- Executive Director

Mr. Slavich has over 29 years of senior management and executive experience in the energy, banking, telecommunications and business consulting arena. He has a proven track record over numerous years of being an exceptional leader and motivator in developing and implementing strategic innovations, business process re-engineering and integration, resulting in substantial improvement of business sales and profitability. He was the CEO of TransACT communication P/L and has held an officers rank in the Australian Army Reserves. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Philippe Odouard
Executive Director

Mr. Odouard joined XTEK in 2016 after leaving Quickstep Holdings Limited (ASX:QHL), where he held appointments as the General Manager, Strategy & Business Development (Aerospace & Defence), Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. Prior to Quickstep, he held senior management roles with Thales Group in Australia and Europe. Mr. Odouard has extensive experience in managing an ASX-listed company, equity and debt capital markets, as well as negotiating and executing large international defence contracts. Mr. Odouard has extensive experience in managing innovation developments, commercialisation and technology transfers, including negotiation of long term contracts with major global aerospace and defence groups.

Chris Fullerton
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Fullerton has extensive experience in investment, management and investment banking and is a qualified chartered accountant. He worked in Hong Kong and Singapore for 15 years before returning to Australia in 1992. He is an investor in listed equities and private equity and has been a non-executive director of a number of ASX listed companies. He is currently a non-executive director of ASX listed Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Limited and his unlisted company directorships cover companies in the property investment and agriculture sectors.

Mr. Lawrence (Laurie) Gardiner
Company Secretary

Mr. Gardiner has completed over 40 years service with Australian Army and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in the specialist fields of Explosive Ordnance (EO) and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) operations. Mr. Gardiner performed EO/IEDD management, test/repair, investigations, disposal and training functions during his service with the Army and the AFP. In 1991, he was recognized in the Australian Honors and Awards list for his dedicated service to military and police bomb response operations. During his service with the AFP, Mr. Gardiner was responsible for technical management of all bomb response programs (Canine and Appraisal) as part of the Counter Terrorist First Response (CTFR) capability of the AFP at International and Domestic Airports within Australia. Mr. Gardiner has lectured nationally and internationally and had his work published in a range of professional journals. In June 2003, he retired from the AFP and accepted an Executive Management position with XTEK Limited. Mr. Gardiner is currently appointed as an Executive Director and Company Secretary of the Company and in addition oversights all corporate service functions. In addition, Mr. Gardiner has served as the International Director of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) and is now appointed as an IABTI Trustee. He has been awarded the prestigious Roger Goad Memorial Award and the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his dedication and services to IABTI and the worldwide EOD/IEDD community.


Last updated 4th December 2018


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