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CROP brings capital to invest in land and equipment to increase income-producing cannabis producers (and processors) ability to achieve sector growth; by delivering funding accessibility, and by driving efficiency, scalability, and sustainability through affordable leasing programs and reasonable management fees.

CROP Infrastructure is structured similarly to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT): a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate.

The company invests in income-producing property and agricultural equipment to service the growth of the cannabis crop industry. CROP leases it’s real estate and provides equipment/expertise in exchange for a management fee.

Infrastructure investment includes land preparation (i.e.: roadways, structural foundations); canopy structures and related service buildings (i.e.: industrial scale greenhouses, fertilizer storage, hydroponics management, product storage and transhipment facilities); plus access to irrigation equipment, specialized lighting and electrical services.

Owner/operators enter into a fixed period leasehold and management fee structure. Agreements include use of CROP branding and use of CROP “Safety Approval” rating system through access to preferred network of suppliers. GROW SAFE – CROP SAFE.

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Michael Yorke, CEO & Director

Mr. Yorke began his career in the financial sector with the Royal Bank of Canada in 2001. He subsequently served as an active trader and value investor for the last 14 years. He went on to provide consulting services to several publicly traded companies in addition to organizing capital market events with On-Page Media. Mr. Yorke is fluent in three languages and is has traveled extensively around the globe. He earned an International Business Diploma, Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration degree through the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Abbey Abdiye, CFO

Mr. Abdiye brings extensive experience in the financial sector with both public and private companies. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), current CFO of Tower One Wireless Corp. and other reporting issuers, where he managed the responsibility for all financial, fiscal management, regulatory compliance, and reporting aspects of corporate operations. He also provides strategic guidance and direction in capital structuring and is engaged with innovative financing programs that leverage sales and development opportunities.

Andrea Castiglione, VP, Business Development EMEA

Mr. Castiglione brings a heavily quantitative background having developed financial trading algorithms from the age of sixteen for over a decade. With a broad experience in various sectors technology and service design, he has been a key advisor to several international family offices and investment funds. Mr. Castiglione is fluent in four languages and has successfully conducted business in several jurisdictions outside of North America.

Christine Mah, Director

Ms. Mah brings 10 years direct experience working with reporting companies assisting with corporate management, systems integration, accounting procedures and administrative services. Her experience includes assisting companies within industry sectors such as communications, technology, and consumer goods. Ms. Mah offers relevant governance expertise from her audit committee experience and hands-on participation in the yearly audits of companies such as Evolving Gold Corp. Ms. Mah is an experienced professional with a Marketing Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Twila Jensen, Director

Ms. Jensen is a senior capital markets strategist with Stockhouse, Canada’s leading financial community and a global hub for affluent investors, with over one million unique monthly visitors. Ms. Jensen also acts as an independent director for two other TSX Venture Exchange-listed companies, Durango Resources Corp. and BTU Metals Corp. Ms. Jensen has more than 18 years of experience working in the capital markets in sales and marketing roles, as an independent director, and also as part of audit committees. She has worked with hundreds of public companies across North America in various sectors over the last two decades.

Greg Douglas, Executive Advisor

Mr. Douglas formally entered the Cannabis space in 2015 when he joined the Bureau of Standards (Jamaica) as Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager. Subsequently served as Project Coordinator for a proposed Medical Cannabis (Ganja) Track and Trace Pilot Project. This led to exposure to compliance mechanisms used in Colorado, touring state facilities which increased his understanding and appreciation of the industry while building relationships with Colorado’s compliance agency, along with local businesses. From April to November 2017 Greg was seconded to the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) as their CEO. While there he became a part of local history by issuing the first commercial licenses. He was part of the CLA team that visited Canada meeting with both Canadian Government entities and officials. He resumed his duties at the Bureau of Standards in January 2018 and works on the creation of standards within the cannabis industry in Jamaica.

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CROP Infrastructure Corporation
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Fiscal Year End: Feb. 28
Incorporation: British Columbia, Canada
Industry Sector: Life Sciences