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Lynx Lake


Location and Infrastructure

The Lynx Lake Property encompasses 240 square kilometres and is located in southern

Labrador, approximately 1OO km southeast of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The Property can be accessed along the Trans-Labrador Highway, a 1.5 hour drive from Happy Valley-Goose Bay. A three phase powerline runs directly adjacent to the property allowing access to power upon mining advancement.

Previous Work

The majority of the historical work has been completed by local prospectors. The work included grab sampling and a localized hand held electromagnetic survey. Most of the work has been carried out in two large quarry pits excavated by the Department of Transportation during construction of the highway.


Prior to the construction of the Trans-Labrador Highway, there was little to no exposure on the property. Now due to excellent accessibility and new discoveries of mineralization in bedrock, the property has great exploration potential.

Grab samples from gossanous areas of the eastern rock pit have yielded assays up to 1.39% Cu, 0.94% Co, 0.21% Ni , 6.5g/t Ag and 0.23% V. Veins of massive sulfi de can be seen throughout these areas. Samples from the western pit yielded 1.03% Cu, 0.566% Co, 0.1% Ni and 5.0 g/t Ag. Molybdenite and Bismuth have also been discovered in the western area of mineralization yielding 0.392% Mo and 112ppm Bi.
A historic hand held EM survey carried out by previous owners has indicated strong conductors present in the subsurface in several areas of the property. This property has great potential as an exploration target for an economic Cu-Co-Ni magmatic or Iron Oxide Copper Gold type deposit


The property lies within the Proterozoic terrane of the Grenville Province. The western part of the property is underlain by granitic orthogneiss that varies in composition from granite to granodiorite and varies texturally from merely foliated to well-banded gneiss. The eastern part of the property, seperated by a northeasterly trending fault, is underlain by granitoids and amphibolitic units with massive gabbro, norite and troctolite throughout.



Quebec Cobalt



Ninuk Lake Cobalt Property

The Ninuk Lake Project is located approximately 175 kilometers northeast of Umiujag, Quebec and consists of 19 mineral claims encompassing 2164 acres. A deep-sea port is located 125 kilometers from the property.

In 2001 Falconbridge Ltd. completed an exploration program consisting of surface sampling, mapping and electromagnetics. Surface sampling of massive sulfide in outcrop yielded anomalous values of up to 2.6% Ni, 1.8% Cu, and 0.27% Co. Mapping of the area exposed several lenticular ultramafic bodies containing pods massive sulfide. A small-scale electromagnetics program yielded several subsurface conductors in the area. Due to several other discoveries that year, the exploration work by Falconbridge Ltd. was not followed up. The compilation of these results encourages further work to be completed on the property.

Regional Geology - The area is Neoarchean in age and located within the superior province with ultramaficfelsic rocks including granodiorite, tonalite, paragneiss, amphibolite, peridotite, pyroxenite, and gabbronorite. Structurally the area of interest is bounded to the east and west by two regional fault systems.

Broadback River Cobalt Property

The Broadback River Project is located only 24 kilometers northwest of the Nuinsco Discovery zone and consists of 9 mineral claims encompassing 1035 acres. The property can be easily accessed by the James Bay Road north from Matagami and then by logging roads to the property approximately 75 kilometers inland.

In 1985 a magnetic and electromagnetics survey was flown by the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources that uncovered several large conductors. In 1999-2000 Falconbridge Ltd. took 152 samples and uncovered semi massive sulphide assaying 0.7% Ni, 0.3 Cu, and 0.09% Co but only drill tested the northwestern portion of the property. All southeastern conductors remain untested.

Regional Geology- The area is Archean in age and dominated by intrusive gabbro, which cuts felsic and mafic volcanics and iron formation of the Frotet-Evans Belt.

Roberge Cobalt Property

The Roberge Project is located 2.1 kilometers southeast of Chesterville, Quebec and consists of 3 mineral claims encompassing 443 acres. The property is easily assessable by a paved road, which runs through the property. Soil sampling on the property revealed several anomalous sediment samples assaying up to 1.06% cobalt. The work was done by the Quebec Government through a regional soil sampling program and can be found in open report DV 84-16.

King’s Bay has commenced data compilation along with the initiation of an exploration plan consisting of sampling, local-scale mapping and channel sampling which will be completed this spring to reconfirm historical results.



Kevin Bottomley - President & CEO

Kevin has spent the last 15 years in public markets focusing on company creation and capital raising. In that time Kevin has been a part of the successful completion of over 75 Million dollars in funding through networks in North America, Europe and Asia. Kevin’s drive and discipline have allowed him to successfully navigate challenging business settings and scenarios in the resource and special situations sectors.


Nick Rodway - Director

Nick completed a Bachelor of Science in geology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2013 and has spent over 5 years working for Canadian exploration companies.

Nick now works with Zimtu Capital corporation in Vancouver assisting with project generation and corporate development. Nick has played a strategic role as a director with King’s Bay Gold Corporation, assisting with project targeting and acquisitions.


Dusan Berka - Director

Mr. Berka is a graduate engineer with a M.Sc. (Dipl.Ing.) degree from the Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia (1968) and a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. since 1977. He has over 40 years international experience in Engineering, Marketing & Sales and Business Administration.

Dusan also has extensive experience in the management, marketing, promotion and administration of public companies as well as in the Corporate Communications, shareholders information, public relation and contract negotiations. During the past 34 years Mr. Berka has served as a Director and Officer of various public companies traded on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchanges and the NASDAQ System in USA.


Jody Bellefleur - Chief Financial Officer

Jody joined the board as Chief Financial Officer in February 2016. Jody is responsible for all aspects of regulatory financial reporting including the preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements, management discussion and analysis reports, and government tax and regulatory reporting.

Ms. Bellefleur is a CPA, CGA with over 20 years’ experience as a corporate accountant. Prior to her work with publicly traded companies, she was the Controller of a private manufacturing company. Since 2008, Ms. Bellefleur has exclusively been involved in providing services to both public and private companies in the junior mining sector.

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Tel: 604 681 1568
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