Las Vegas From Home.com Ent. Inc.

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In brief

Las Vegas From Home. Com Entertainment Inc. (LVFH), through its subsidiary MT Ventures Inc. (MTV), is engaged in the development and marketing of software for online multi-player interactive games. The gaming and entertainment operations are carried on by MTV. The principal revenues of MTV are from licensing fees and royalties. LVFH, focusing primarily on Asian e-gaming, has developed a specialized Asian Multiplayer Software Platform, which provides a suite of multiplayer games for the Asian market. Available in numerous languages and currencies, its game client features many games in both ring game and tournament formats. Players on the LVFH software have access to a number of games, both in play-for-free and pay-per-play games, such as Texas Hold’em, 13 Card Poker, Guts, Fight the Landlord, Mahjong, Big 2, Super Big 2, Omaha Poker, Bao Bao and Blackjack.