Proactiveinvestors USA & Canada Nordic Gold Inc Proactiveinvestors USA & Canada Nordic Gold Inc RSS feed en Wed, 19 Jun 2019 05:52:44 -0400 Genera CMS (Proactiveinvestors) (Proactiveinvestors) <![CDATA[News - Nordic Gold engages Jett Capital Advisors to secure $35M in debt financing ]]> Nordic Gold Inc (CVE:NOR) announced Monday that it had engaged Jett Capital Advisors LLC of New York to help the company secure $35 million in attractively priced debt financing.

The money will be used to restart mine and mill and to replace its current lender, said the company in a statement. The company is currently in discussions with several parties interested in providing the capital.

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The funds will provide working capital for ongoing operations and provide funds for drilling to expand the resource.

Nordic owns close to 4,295 hectares of highly prospective but underexplored exploration property near the mine. The area permitted for mining covers a further 1,694 hectares. Much of the area is also underexplored.

To date, the Laiva Mine has produced a total of 6,920 ounces of gold and has received US$8.8 million in revenue from gold sales.

The company also announced the resignation of Ernest Cleave as a director and thanked him for his contribution to the company.

Meanwhile, the company also said it had terminated its contract with its mining contractor due to “continued underperformance.”

To conserve cash, the Laiva Mine will be placed in care and maintenance while an alternative contractor is engaged. “Care and maintenance is expected to last for around three to four months,” said the company.

The process of engaging another contractor has begun. "A scope of work has been issued and several competitively priced proposals have been received," said the company.

Nordic Gold engages in the acquisition and exploration of gold, precious, and base metal primarily in Canada and internationally. It holds 100% interest in the Laiva Mine in Raahe, Finland which is fully built, fully permitted and financed to production through a gold forward sale agreement.

It also has an interest in the Sheslay, one of the most promising grassroots mineral exploration areas in British Columbia, Canada.

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<![CDATA[News - Nordic Gold expects to produce 67,000 ounces this year, as the Laiva mine in Finland comes into its own ]]> It’s billed as “Europe’s newest producing gold mine.”

Nordic Gold Inc (CVE:NOR) has poured its first gold at the Laiva mine in Finland, with plenty more to come.

“We got this mine financed a year ago,” says Nordic Gold’s Michael Hepworth.

“We got started in May, did our first gold pour in November and our second and third in December. The plan is to produce between 67,000 ounces this year.”

With the gold price showing signs of testing US$1,300 again, it’s not a bad time to be going into production, although margins look fairly comfortable even in a bearish gold price environment, as cash costs are likely to ring in at US$838 an ounce, according to a preliminary economic assessment completed last year.

All told, the mine is expected to generate a pre-tax internal rate of return of around 44%, and cash flow over the six-year life of mine of US$138mln.

The NPV was set at US$98mln.

That, however, only tells half the story.

Changes at Laiva

The mine was acquired by Nordic Gold already built and operational, but losing money. Exactly why it was losing money has been a matter of some debate over the past couple of years. Some industry-watchers thought the mill wasn’t performing to spec, but according to Hepworth, the real story’s much simpler.

“They were bulk mining instead of selective mining,” he says.

Nordic agreed to put up some much-needed cash and secured 10% and exclusivity on any other transactions. From there, Nordic moved on to acquiring 60% for US$20mln, and finally onto 100% via a share-based transaction.

Current estimates are that before Nordic came in, the project had already had €220mln spent on it, a figure which makes the US$98mln NPV seem somewhat tame, as Hepworth points out.

“At one point, in bull market conditions, this mine generated a market capitalisation for its owners of €500mln. In a gold bubble, it could go up to those sorts of levels again.”

The gold price has been creeping up of late, to be sure, but we’re not in bubble territory yet. Instead, more immediately, Nordic has concrete plans to increase value.

“One of our objectives is to expand the mine life,” says Hepworth.

“We have two exploration properties nearby and another one 12 kilometres to the south. In total, we have 27 square kilometres of exploration ground, and to date, the only area that’s been drilled is around the mine.”

And there’s more. For a mine of this kind, it seems unusual that there’s no high-grade feeder system to account for the mineralisation.

“The whole region is mineralised,” says chief operating officer and general manager of Laiva, Joe Ranford.

Balancing act

How soon the company can get out into the field and systematically searching for new resources remains to be seen.

“There’s a balancing act we’ve got to do,” says  Hepworth.

“Commercial production will be at around 5,000-to-6,000 ounces per month. We’ve brought in a contractor, commissioned a plant, we’re developing new mining methods, so it’s going to take us a little bit of time to get fully up and running. In the first quarter of 2019, there’ll be a serious ramp-up of tonnes and grade.”

Refinements of the plant are ongoing, but already it’s operating at a greater efficiency level than it did under its previous owner.

After this year’s 67,000 ounce target, the plan is to move production up slightly to 70,000 ounces per year and then to set about extending the mine life.

Recent fundraising has provided a nice working capital cushion while the ramp-up to commercial production completes, so Nordic looks set very fair to reap the benefits of owning Europe’s newest producing gold mine.



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<![CDATA[Media files - Nordic Gold Corp celebrates first gold pour at Laiva Mine in Finland ]]> Wed, 12 Dec 2018 08:43:00 -0500 <![CDATA[News - Nordic Gold's Finnish mine receives major boost as it secures funding to see it through to production ]]> Nordic Gold Corp (CVE:NOR) has reached a major milestone — securing US$7 million of additional funding to see its Laiva gold mine in Finland through to production.

The project is a previously producing open pit and the first gold pour is earmarked for November 27 of this year. The funding comes from  PFL Raahe Holdings (PFL), an investment vehicle controlled by Pandion Mine Finance, and comes with various terms.

WATCH: Nordic Gold Corp celebrates first gold pour at Laiva Mine in Finland

PFl will provide US$3 million immediately and a further US$4 million in November this year, subject to conditions, as partial consideration for the purchase of gold under a pre-paid forward gold purchase agreement (PPF agreement) struck in November last year.

These tranches will be on top of the US$20.6 million, which was provided in December last year.

Nordic, formerly Firesteel Resources, must deliver to Pandion a further monthly quantity of gold at a price equal to the then-current spot price, less a specified discount.

Private placing

The company will aim to raise US$7 million via a private placing to reduce or cancel the gold deliveries, while the start date of gold deliveries under the PPF deal has been extended to January 2020 from May 2019.

Due to a recent amendment to the PPF agreement, PFL will be granted a 2.5% net smelter return (NSR) on gold production from the Laiva mine and will be issued with 36.5 million Nordic Shares, representing 19.99% of the capital.

Nordic will make a payment of US$1,500,000 to PFL within six months of entering into the amendment to the PPF agreement.

"The gold forward sale initially enabled our small company with a market cap of around $3,000,000 to acquire a high-value, fully-built and permitted mine for around $25,000,000. said Michael Hepworth, the president and CEO of Nordic.

"The previous owners, Nordic Mines AB, invested €220,000,000 to build the Laiva Gold Mine.

"In addition, there is a US$155,000,000 tax loss carry-forward provision in place that the Finnish government has already approved for Nordic’s use should the company accrue taxable income.”

The company boss added: "Our financing options have significantly increased, now that the project is largely de-risked, and first gold is scheduled to be poured on November 27th, 2018."

He also noted that a PEA (preliminary economic assessment) on the project gave it an after-tax NPV (net present value) of US$69 million and a 1.7-year payback.

"As production is expected to be 67,000 ounces of gold in the first 12 months, this means that some debt is now an option and consequently we intend to refinance at more favourable terms," he added.

Nordic noted it was already in discussion with several banks and several potential strategic investors, with regard to a refinancing. The goal is to have such financing in place by May 2019.

Nordic Gold shares were unchanged in Toronto at $0.11.

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