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The Board’s current business strategy comprises the following aspects:

Our Vision

To be the world-leading provider of multispectral radiation detection products and technologies to enable customers and users to take better decisions based on better information.

Increased product integration

Kromek aims to satisfy increasing customer demand for more integrated and complete solutions. Following the acquisition of eV Products, the Board plans to fully integrate its products into the Group’s existing offering and develop enhanced solutions.

Further commercialisation of the core technology

The Group plans to further commercialise its core technology through new product development for existing core markets, expansion into new geographical markets with existing products, including the opening of a sales office in Germany, and through licensing its technology in new market sectors.

In particular, the Directors believe that new modalities of nuclear detection, including further forms of cancer screening, as well as a continuing trend for networked sensors will create significant additional opportunities.

Enhanced OEM relationships

The Group will continue to supply its products and subcomponents to OEMs, and will aim to convert its current development contracts into long-term supply agreements. Additionally, the Group will target the development of new key relationships with further OEM partners in its target markets.

Civil nuclear radiation detection products

Gamma radiation and neutron detectors, high-specification, high-resolution devices, components and software to solve your nuclear detection problems.
We have a huge range of types of radiation detectors for gamma-ray, x-ray and neutron detection. Our radiation detectors use cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) or scintillator technology, they are available as standalone out of the box products or components to allow you to build the radioisotope detectors you need.


The GR1 is a CTZ-based high performance gamma-ray spectrometer. It is completely self-contained, with a built in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. The digitized pulse heights of detected gamma-ray signals are sent to a PC via the USB.

SIGMA scintillator detectors

Caesium iodide scintillator gamma radiation detector for use in the field and in the lab.

EV-CPG radiation detector

CZT co-planar grid gamma-ray detectors for nuclear spectroscopy for use with use in a nuclear lab and with NIM bin electronics and your own spectroscopy software.

TN15 thermal neutron detector

Thermal neutron detector, CZT-based, self-contained, room temperature operation, non-helium3

Quant GR1 shielded gamma detector for lab and field use

Shielded container with in-built CZT-based gamma detector for accurate analysis of samples, in-field or in the lab.

K102 multichannel analyser

K102 Multichannel Analyser

Sample inspector for activity analysis of radionuclide contamination

For radionuclide activity analysis of a predetermined geometry for small quantities of low activity samples works with the RadBeaker.

Quant Air

CZT-based shielded detector specifically for contamination monitoring of air samples

RayMon10 handheld rugged gamma detector

RayMon10 rugged handheld CZT-based radioactive isotope identifier. Available with Radbeaker (volumetric quant-bottle) for volumetric analysis.

SPEAR radiation detector

SPEAR CZT-based gamma radiation and x-ray detector perfect for high flux environments. For use with NIM bin electronics.

Preamplifiers for radiation detectors and detector electronics

Electronics and amplifiers for OEM CZT detectors

Voltage to frequency converter

The N101VTF is a four channel ultra-high linearity (<=50ppm) VTF Voltage-to-Frequency Converter NIM module with onboard calibration capability.

RadAngel radiation detector

Gamma-ray radiation spectrometer with CZT detector unit. A perfect entry-level CZT-based device.

UAV radiation mapping drone

The Kromek UAV radiation mapping drone offers an accurate, affordable and versatile low-altitude aerial radiation detection vehicle which is an out of the box solution for anyone that needs to examine an area or patrol a location for radiation levels or contamination.

UGV radiation mapping rover

The Kromek UGV radiation mapping RadRover gives you real-time location measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification using a small ground vehicle. Using the RadRover you can rapidly collect radiation data with excellent sensitivity and isotopic fingerprinting. The RadRover can be pre-programmed for autonomous area surveys.

D3S PRD personal radiation detector

The D3S PRD personal radiation detector replaces your current PRD and SPRDs with a more powerful device that offers isotope identification and neutron detection with the ability to easily upgrade to a fully functioning RIID

D3S wearable RIID gamma neutron detector

A pocket-sized RIID gamma neutron detector that offers gamma ray and neutron detection made for CBRNE and other security personnel.

D3S NET networked radiation detector

D3S NET networked radiation detector. Wearable networked gamma neutron RIID. The only small wearable detector usable on the SIGMA Network.

D3S Drone

A drone fitted with a D3S gamma neutron radiation detector that communicates with the ground crew reporting gamma and neutron count. The whole thing can fit into a backpack and be easily carried from location to location.

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UK & US.

Sir Peter Williams, CBE, FREng, FRS, Chairman, and chairman of the Audit Committee
He completed his MA degree and PhD at Cambridge, followed by a Lectureship at Imperial College. He then moved into industry, working at VG Instruments where he became Deputy Chief Executive and at Oxford Instruments, the first spin-out from Oxford University, where he held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He also held the roles of Chairman of Isis Innovation Ltd, the technology transfer arm of Oxford University, Chairman of the National Physical Laboratory, Master of St. Catherine’s College Oxford and Vice President and Treasurer of the Royal Society. Other PLC experience includes serving as a senior independent director of GKN plc and as a non-executive director of WS Atkins plc. He received a CBE in 1992 and was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list of 1998. He is currently Chairman of the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation in addition to his Kromek responsibilities.


Dr Arnab Basu MBE, CEO
Has a PhD in physics from Durham University, specialising in semiconducting sensor materials. Arnab held senior management positions in his family business, which manufactured materials for the electronics industry serving over 250 major telecommunications and consumer electronics manufacturers, including Siemens, GEC. He worked in commercial product development for Elmwood Sensors Ltd, (Honeywell Group, UK). A prominent figure within the business community, he was awarded Ernst and Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ (2009) and received an MBE for services to regional development and international trade (2014).


Mr Derek Bulmer, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and in-house counsel
A qualified Chartered Accountant and Barrister, Derek has worked with KPMG and undertaken a number of senior management roles with blue-chip plcs including Bass plc, AWG plc and Ibstock plc. Additionally, and more recently, a number of roles as Finance Director of privately owned groups in both the IT and oil and gas industries have provided a wealth of experience in executing and managing business acquisitions plus significant aspects of the commercial and legal disciplines of corporate management.


Mr Lawrence Kinet, Non-Executive Director and member of the Remuneration Committee
Has 40 years’ experience in the medical device and biopharmaceutical industry in leadership positions, most recently as Group Chief Executive of LMA International NV and, President of Smiths Medical, London. Lawrence has raised more than $100m in funding for early-stage companies, taking one through an IPO, and made over $1bn worth of acquisitions. His career began at Baxter International, running a number of overseas operations eventually becoming President of Baxter’s International Division. He holds a BSc from the University of Birmingham (UK) and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


Mr Jerel Whittingham, Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee
Has extensive experience in investor, operational and strategy roles with technology-rich companies including Incuvest LLC, Generics Group plc, Durlacher plc, Amphion Innovations plc, INMARSAT and a number of start-ups. He was appointed to the Board of Kromek Group plc in September 2013 and also served on the Board of DSC Ltd, a predecessor company of the group. Currently, he combines NED and operational roles in technology growth companies. He also served as CEO and later Executive Chairman of Myconostica Ltd, a medical technology company spun out from a leading UK university.


Christopher Wilks BSc, ACA, Non-Executive Director
Has considerable experience in the fields of both science and finance. He is currently Chief Financial Officer at Signum Technology, which he co-founded in 2012. Prior to this, he was Chief Financial Officer at Sondex plc where he successfully managed their listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange in 2003 and made several post IPO acquisitions. In 2007 Sondex was acquired by GE. After graduating from Durham University with a BSc in Applied Physics and Electronics, Christopher initially joined Marconi Space Systems designing power systems for spacecraft, he then trained as a Chartered Accountant at Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young). After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in audit he became a Manager in the Corporate Finance team at Ernst & Young. His intimate understanding of the physics and financial worlds adds valuable insight and expertise.

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