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Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment Group Inc signs up M&A advisor to explore expansions in iGaming

The company revealed that it is looking into acquiring iGaming operators to increase its reach in the oft-regulated gaming markets...

1 week, 6 days ago

Esports Entertainment leads the next-generation of e-sports betting online

The Malta-based online wagering company is growing in leaps and bounds as video gaming goes mainstream ...

on 07/11/2019

Esports Entertainment to offer e-sports betting in partnership with 76ers' owner Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment

The Malta-based gaming company reached a multi-year agreement to provide gambling through the website VIE.gg...

on 06/17/2019

Esports Entertainment applies for Nasdaq listing

The online gaming and gambling platform's application is now subject to approval...

on 06/06/2019

Esports Entertainment taps John Brackens as chief information officer

The former Activision Blizzard manager has experience with information technology and network operations within different licensing regimes...

on 05/17/2019

Bitcoin surge continues as retailers move to accept cryptos, investors seek out safe haven

Esports Entertainment CEO Grant Johnson says EU banks are driving more US companies into the arms of cryptocurrencies...

on 05/14/2019
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment Group to raise funds through an offering for major growth initiatives

It could raise up to $11,500,000 to get licenses for new operations in Asia and Malta, and launch skill-based video game tournaments on mobile devices, and personal computers...

on 05/03/2019

Esports Entertainment Group’s betting platform VIE.gg, Epsilon Esports to raise money for charities

Fans will keep their winnings, while bets won by the Epsilon pros will go to charities they champion...

on 04/12/2019

Esports Entertainment looks to recruit more affiliates after signing deal with AffiliateINSIDER

London-based marketing firm AffiliateINSIDER will take responsibility for the growth of the e-sports betting platform VIE.gg’s affiliate partner program globally...

on 03/19/2019
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment Group joins integrity coalition monitoring online gambling

The Esports Integrity Coalition works with betting operators and e-sports organizations to protect players, combat cheating and educate audiences...

on 01/23/2019

Esports Entertainment signs affiliate marketing agreement with GOLeague Int Gaming

The licensed online gambling says it expects to add 350 Counter-Strike: Go matches per month to VIE.gg for GOLeague user wagering...

on 01/17/2019
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment forges online wagering partnership with Epsilon eSports

Epsilon will be the first tier-1 esports organization to partner with Esports’ VIE.gg esports betting platform...

on 01/14/2019

Esports Entertainment Group adds Malta gaming specialist Alan Alden to its board

Alden serves as the general secretary of the Malta Remote Gaming Council...

on 01/04/2019

Esports Entertainment Group expands into the Southeast Asia via team marketing deals

The e-sports betting company inked affiliate marketing agreements with 14 esports teams, including teams in Nepal, Vietnam and Bangladesh...

on 12/12/2018
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment Group forges alliance with SickOdds.com

Vie.gg, the e-sports betting exchange run by Esports Entertainment, will be showcased as the only bet exchange on SickOdds.com, the esports betting comparison site...

on 12/11/2018

Esports Entertainment signs affiliate marketing agreement with Global Speedrun Association

Speedrunning is the art of attempting to play a video game from start to finish as quickly as possible...

on 12/03/2018
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment to introduce wagering for speedrunning

Speedrunning is the art of attempting to play a video game from start to finish as quickly as possible...

on 11/29/2018
Retail & consumer

Esports Entertainment Group taps new CFO

Christopher Malone is the founding director of PrOasis, a consulting firm, and boasts decades of experience, advising companies in Canada and the US...

on 11/27/2018