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Humanigen bolsters treatment of graft-versus-host disease in leukemia patients via licensing agreement with the University of Zurich

The Swiss university's GM-CSF protein neutralization technology was shown to mitigate graft-versus-host without stifling the positive effects of leukemia treatment...

3 weeks, 5 days ago

Humanigen and Gilead's Kite to work on study to evaluate Yescarta with lenzilumab to treat a type of lymphoma

CEO Cameron Durrant says working with Kite will help validate the work Humanigen has done ...

on 05/31/2019

Humanigen's therapy to reduce cancer-treatment side effects highlighted in premier hematology journal

The article entitled 'CAR-T Cell Neurotoxicity: Hope is on the Horizon' was published in 'blood', widely regarded as a premier hematology journal...

on 05/17/2019

Humanigen unveils promising results from Ifabotuzumab Phase I study at the American Association for Cancer Research's annual meeting

Ifabotuzumab shows potential in attacking brain tumors by killing the stromal cells that protect them and the vasculature that feeds them without killing normal cells...

on 04/01/2019

Humanigen presents new study showing lenzilumab's potential to fight tumors

A new study shows the use of lenzilumab in combination with CAR-T therapy for the treatment of leukemia triggers anti-tumor activity...

on 03/22/2019

Humanigen CEO optimistic on drug candidate after pulling company from the brink

The biotech is in the early stages of work on a drug designed to reduce the sometimes dangerous side effects of a cancer therapy involving altered T cells...

on 03/05/2019

Humanigen pins hopes on monoclonal antibody treatment of cancer therapy's side effects

A goal is to improve the safety of CAR-T therapies, used in the treatment of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and adults with advanced lymphomas...

on 03/04/2019

Humanigen study of monoclonal antibody in CAR-T therapy presented at Houston conference

The team reported enhanced anti-tumor activity, improved overall survival and improved durability of response with a reduced rate of relapse...

on 02/25/2019

Humanigen study of its monoclonal antibody in CAR-T therapy featured in medical journal

The study involving lenzilumab showed a reduction in cytokine release syndrome and neuroinflammation as well as an enhancement in CAR-T cell function...

on 02/15/2019