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Identity is at the core of Ipsidy's mission. Ipsidy’s identity transaction platform aims to help our customers more quickly and effectively secure their citizens, employees, customers and associated physical and digital transactions, as well as foster a more secure, globally connected world.

In a world that is increasingly digital and mobile, but is also fraught with account breaches and stolen identity information, our vision is to offer solutions that provide pre-transaction verification of identity as well as embed identity verification within every electronic transaction message processed through our platform, or other electronic systems. We believe that it is essential that businesses and consumers know who is on the other side of an electronic transaction and have an audit trail, proving that the identity of the other party was duly verified.

Our identity platform enables mobile users to more easily authenticate their identity to a mobile phone or portable device of their choosing (as opposed to other identity solutions requiring dedicated hardware). Our system allows participants to complete transactions with a digitally signed authentication response, including the underlying transaction data and embedded attributes of the participant’s identity, accessible to the business.


Mobile Identity Proofing
Check an official ID in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

The Highest Level of Integrity and Convenience
Proof by Ipsidy is an identity proofing solution that allows you to initiate a simple, two-step digital identity check from anywhere in the world that’s completed in minutes – travel and paperwork not required. It uses government-issued credentials as the trusted source, combined with real-time biometric certainty and the convenience of mobile technology.

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Mobilize Identity with Mobile Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication
Know with certainty who is on the other side of everyday transactions.

Verified by Ipsidy is a mobile, biometric multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) solution, that helps enterprises authenticate the identity of the person on the other side of everyday transactions.

Verified™ and Ipsidy’s mobile identity application puts your consumers in control of their identities and security. From the convenience of their own smartphone, users now authorize transactions before, not after, they have been approved. Now when you need to confirm the identity of the person on the other side of any transaction or event, there is no need to ask them to recall their last transaction, passphrase or other secret that can be forgotten or even stolen. Simply logon to Ipsidy’s Verified Portal or integrate your platform to Ipsidy’s to trigger an authentication request to the user’s registered mobile phone.

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Mobile Biometric Access Management
Know with certainty who is where and when they arrive or depart.

Access by Ipsidy offers an out-of-the-box, biometric access management solution to authenticate the identities of people moving in and out of any defined area, building, campus or even border.

How Access Works
With no integration required or expensive hardware or kiosks to purchase, Ipsidy delivers our cloud-based identity platform, a suite of mobile access applications and wireless beacon technology to provide, secure and low-cost access management. Deployed at physical access points, Access by Ipsidy BLE beacons remotely trigger biometric authentication events for residents, employees, visitors, or travelers. Shipped pre-configured, and with a multi-year battery life, define your perimeter in minutes.

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Biometric Time & Attendance with Geolocation

Create accurate, biometric timekeeping records and manage workforce attendance across the globe.

Time is a secure, biometric attendance app with geolocation.
Easily identify and manage your team across multiple worksites and geographic locations. Employees use a convenient mobile app to track when they’re on the clock or on location. When they check in or out, employees confirm their identity by taking a biometric selfie.  The date, time and geolocation are automatically recorded. Trust and accuracy are built in.

There’s no need for expensive time clocks so it’s ideal for a mobile, global workforce.

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Biometric Identification with Scale
Integrate to our high-speed fingerprint matching solution for enhanced security.

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Mobile Payments Authorization Network With Identity at the Core
Build and manage a mobile ecosystem of trusted agents, merchants and consumers to accept closed-loop cards for transactions whether in-store, online, or in-app

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Full-Service Biometric Web Portal

Get up to speed fast with Ipsidy’s secure Identity Portal.  Simply log in to start using our IDaaS solutions.

Don’t have the bandwidth for a complicated software integration?
No problem.  Ipsidy’s convenient Identity as a Service web portal allows you to get started immediately with our IDaaS solutions.  Simply log in to send mobile identity verification requests to your customers. Verify the identity of anyone with accuracy and certainty.  Reduce fraud, build trust, and streamline convenient, secure business processes – without any integration.  There’s no software to install or configure.

Provide Trusted Customer Experiences with Ipsidy’s Identity Portal.

  • Simply send an identification trigger to a customer’s smartphone to quickly confirm their identity and obtain their consent.
  • Verify anyone’s identity in seconds using live biometrics or government-issued credentials.
  • Increase convenience and speed-up processing time on important transactions, contracts, account openings, enrollment forms, and more.
  • Get more done over the phone, online, or in-app – at a time that works for your customer.




Philip Beck

Chairman of the Board Chief Executive Officer & President

30 years in Fintech, international business, payments & law. Founder, Chairman and CEO, Planet Payment Inc. (Nasdaq: PLPM). Co-founder Beck & Arad, Parity Labs LLC. and BridgeWorks LLC. International banking and corporate attorney. NY Attorney; Solicitor England and Wales.

Stuart Stoller

Chief Financial Officer

35 years in strategy, finance, accounting, capital markets, systems and operations. CFO, Test America Laboratories, Associated Food Store, Sleep Innovations, Inc. SVP, The New York Times Company and Senior Vice President,CAO & Corporate Controller Macy’s, Inc. Auditor, Deloitte.

Thomas Szoke

Chief Technology Officer

25 years engineering, global sales and operations management. President, CEO of ID Global Solutions Inc. COO, Innovation In Motion Inc., Inventor of IIM Global Corps HDR Intelligent Accessory product lines. 23 years with Motorola, Inc.

Chris White

Senior VP of Engineering

Experienced software engineering with expertise in in Payments, Security, and POS Systems. Prior positions include Vice President, Ingenico Group, Director, NCR, Director, Verifone, Director, LifeLock, Director, Hypercom.

Graham Arad

General Counsel

International corporate and commercial lawyer admitted to practice in New York, England and the BVI. International business advisor and counsel to diverse businesses and investors, focusing on technology, cyber-security and start-ups. Previously co-founded and served for 15 years as General Counsel, Director of Planet Payment, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ-PLPM).

Grace de Fries

Chief of Staff

25 years in international business development, sales, marketing & product management of international payments and telecommunications. Vice President, Planet Payment Inc.; Director, Global Crossing, Inc. Director, AT&T. Assistant to the Mayor, City of New York. BA Harvard University; MBA, Georgetown University.

Henry Tan

Operations & Client Implementation

30 years in international payments, technology and information security. Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific Planet Payment. Various C-level Asia Regional Head positions at Visa International, Citibank, EDS and American Express. Managed technology implementations in Panama, Chile and South Africa.

Maxim Umarov

Director of Innovation

15 years in Biometrics and Security. CTO ID Global, Inc. VP, Engineering, US & Russia high-tech companies. MS Science & Engineering. Cisco & Microsoft IT security certifications, INFOSEC CNSS 4011 & 4013 certification granted by Committee for National Systems Security & US National Security Agency.

Diane Zator

Director of Business Operations

25 years in international payments providing strategic operations, marketing and analytical expertise in various leadership positions; Director of Operations, Planet Payment, Inc. Senior Marketing Manager, Global Merchant Services, American Express.

Jonathan Ellis

Managing Director EMEA Sales

15 years in international payments. Managing Director EMEA for Planet Payment, an international payment processor in over 24 countries expanding business in new markets including the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, South Africa and Kenya. 20 years’ experience in European restaurant and hospitality industry, Managing Director of the restaurant group Prezzo.

Matthew Cordis

Director of Business Development

15 years of legal, financial and business development experience. President of CBC Global Capital, LLC, including responsibility for the company’s operations in the Republic of Colombia. Served on Board of Directors of Plus International Bank N.A. Currently on Board of Directors of Intercredit Bank N.A. BSBA Washington University, J.D. Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Trevor James

Managing Director Cards Plus SA

30 years information technology sales, business development and executive management; Computer Sciences Corporation; Group Managing Director , founding shareholder Square One Group, listed company on Johannesburg, South Africa Stock Exchange in 2000. Managing Director of Cards Plus South Africa since March 2014; Bachelor of Commerce degree, University of South Africa.

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