Jerrick Media Holdings, Inc.

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Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media introduces new features to Vocal to help the flow of creativity and cash

The long-form platform uses a proprietary algorithm to track views and monetize stories based on that data...

on 07/13/2018
Retail & consumer

These OTC-traded companies are ready to disrupt the big-cap social media space

A flurry of social media scandals left some users looking for alternative ways to share. Two companies fill the need. ...

on 07/10/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media’s investment in platform tech may soon bring in six-figure revenue

The operator of the Vocal web-publishing platform expects to reach 300,000 content creators by the end of June...

on 06/18/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media Holdings secures six-figure funding for its Vocal platform

Vocal is a long-form publishing platform that caters to content creators...

on 05/31/2018

Here's why some people think breaking up Google is just 'sour grapes'

Jerrick Media Holdings CEO Jeremy Frommer says it’s ‘illogical’ to suggest Google acts as a monopoly...

on 05/23/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media Holdings’s fiscal year report forecasts monthly visitors to nearly triple by 2019

Its long-form publishing platform Vocal expects to reach 17 million monthly visitors by 2019...

on 05/18/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media shares jump as social media scandals make way for new platforms

The company's Vocal platform focuses on the relationship between the platform and content creators...

on 05/07/2018

A pair of tech CEOs applaud Twitter’s quick and transparent response to password snafu

But is it time to transition to biometric authentication and get away from pesky passwords?...

on 05/04/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media announces US$1.2mln private placement

The social media company will also adopt new accounting guidelines...

on 04/19/2018
Retail & consumer

OTCMarkets UPDATE: Jerrick Media, Tinley Beverage Co and more

A roundup of what's hot and what's not on the OTCMarkets Thursday...

on 04/19/2018
Retail & consumer

Jerrick Media CEO expects Vocal's page views to triple by end 2018

The social platform features long-form stories from a variety of bloggers and freelancers...

on 04/09/2018