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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO) is a leader in the development & sale of innovative, enabling, pressure-based platform solutions for the worldwide life sciences industry. Our products/services are based on three patented, pressure-enhanced platforms: (i) Pressure Cycling Technology (“PCT”), (ii)  BaroFold Platform, and (iii) Ultra Shear Technology (“UST”).

To date, we have installed over 300 PCT systems in approximately 200 sites worldwide. There are over 120 publications citing the advantages of the PCT platform over competitive methods, many from key opinion leaders. Our primary development and sales efforts are in the biomarker discovery, drug discovery and design, and forensics areas. Customers also use our products in other areas, such as bio-therapeutics characterization, soil & plant biology, vaccine development, and counter-bioterror applications.

The PCT Platform uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to safely and reproducibly control bio-molecular interactions (e.g., critical steps performed by hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide, such as cell lysis and biomolecule extraction). Our primary focus is in making our recently-released, GMP-compliant, next generation PCT-based Barocycler EXTREME instrument available globally to biopharmaceutical drug manufacturers for use in the design, development, characterization and quality control of biotherapeutic drugs.  The PCT Platform is also used in such areas as biomarker and target discovery, soil & plant biology, anti-bioterror, and forensics. We currently have over 300 PCT instrument systems placed in over 200 academic, government, pharmaceutical, and biotech research laboratories worldwide.  There are over 120 independent publications highlighting the advantages of using the PCT Platform in scientific research studies, many from worldwide key opinion leaders. The PCT Platform is offered through the Company’s Research Products & Services Group.

The BaroFold Platform can be used to significantly impact and improve the quality of protein therapeutics.  It employs high pressure for the disaggregation and controlled refolding of proteins to their native structures at yields and efficiencies not achievable using existing technologies.  The BaroFold Platform has been shown to remove protein aggregates in biotherapeutic drug manufacturing, thereby improving product efficacy and safety for both new-drug entities and biosimilar products. The BaroFold Platform can help companies create novel protein therapeutics, accelerate therapeutic protein development, manufacture follow-on biologics, and enable life-cycle management of protein therapeutics. It is scaleable and practical for standard manufacturing processes. This unique technology platform can help protein-based biopharmaceutical companies create and manufacture high quality, novel protein therapeutics and lower the cost of existing formulations.  Research and manufacturing licenses are available.

The UST Platform is based on the use of intense shear forces from ultra-high pressure (greater than 20,000 psi) valve discharge. UST has been shown to turn hydrophobic extracts into stable, water-soluble formulations on a small, laboratory scale. The UST Platform offers the potential to produce stable nanoemulsions of oil-like products in water. Such formulations could potentially have enormous success in many markets, including inks, paints, and cosmetics, as well as in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, such as medically important plant oil extracts, i.e., making CBD-enriched plant oil water soluble. We believe that UST has the potential to play a significant role in a number of commercially important areas, including (i) the creation of stable nanoemulsions of otherwise immiscible fluids (e.g., oils and water), and (ii) the preparation of higher quality, homogenized, extended shelf-life or room temperature stable low-acid liquid foods that cannot be effectively preserved using existing non-thermal technologies, e.g., dairy products. The UST Platform is currently being developed for commercialization


Richard T. Schumacher
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Richard T. Schumacher, the founder of our Company, has served as a director of Pressure BioSciences since the formation of its legacy business, Boston Biomedica, Inc., in 1978. He has served as CEO of Pressure BioSciences since April 2004 and President since September, 2004. He previously served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Boston Biomedica from 1992 to February, 2003 and as President from 1986 to August 1999. Mr. Schumacher served as the Director of Infectious Disease Services for Clinical Sciences Laboratory, a New England-based medical reference laboratory, from 1986 to 1988. From 1972 to 1985, Mr. Schumacher was employed by the Center for Blood Research, a nonprofit medical research institute associated with Harvard Medical School. Mr. Schumacher received a BS in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire.

Edmund Ting, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Edmund Ting joined Pressure BioSciences as Senior Vice President of Engineering in April, 2006. Prior to joining the company, Dr. Ting served as the Chief Research Officer of Avure Technologies, a leading worldwide manufacturer of high pressure hydrostatic processing equipment for the food and materials processing industry, Flow International Corporation, a world leader in the ultrahigh pressure waterjet cutting technology market, and the parent company of Avure Technologies. Dr. Ting last held the position of VP of Engineering Research and Development at Flow International Corporation. Dr. Ting was also a research scientist and a group leader at Grumman Aerospace Corporation. Dr. Ting earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University and a Sc.D. in materials science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Alexander Lazarev, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Alexander Lazarev, Ph.D. joined Pressure BioSciences in April, 2006 as Director of Research and Development and was promoted to Vice President of Research and Development in March, 2007.  Dr. Lazarev was promoted to Chief Science Officer in December, 2018. Prior to joining Pressure BioSciences, Dr. Lazarev worked as a Visiting Scientist at the Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University, and served as a Director of New Technology Development at Proteome Systems, Inc., where he was involved in research and development of innovative proteomic analysis applications. Dr. Lazarev previously held senior research positions at Genomic Solutions, Inc. and PhytoChem Technologies, Inc. Most of Dr. Lazarev’s scientific career has been dedicated to development of methods and applications for biochemical analysis. Dr. Lazarev has been elected as an Executive Board member of the MASSEP.org, a non-profit scientific discussion forum dedicated to the promotion and improvement of chromatography and other analytical technologies. Dr. Lazarev earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Kazan, Russian Federation.

Richard P. Thomley
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Richard Thomley was the Company’s Acting CFO from September 2013 through November 6, 2015 and was an independent financial consultant to the Company from March 2013 through September 2013. Prior to March 2013, Mr. Thomley was the Director of Finance of Kiva Systems, Inc. from June 2007 until January 2012. Mr. Thomley was the Chief Accounting Officer at Spire Corp. from January to June 2007. Mr. Thomley served as the Corporate Controller for Implant Sciences, Inc. from November 2004 until January 2007. Mr. Thomley was Chief Financial Officer at SynQor, Inc. from July 2000 to November 2004. Mr. Thomley has also held senior management positions in finance at Genesis Technical and Financial, Catamount Manufacturing, Inc., ChemDesign Corp., and Ansul Fire Protection Co. He has over 30 years of experience in U.S. GAAP accounting, internal management, financial reporting and analysis, and SEC reporting. Mr. Thomley is a Certified Public Accountant.

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