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AI –Based
Artwork Valuation

Our team of Art and A.I. professionals is working to make pricing of art both rational and transparent.  With advancement of the artificial intelligence technologies, it becomes possible to define automatically how value of an artwork will be perceived by public. The AI engine provides a real-time value assessment of any artwork by analyzing thousands of data points — artist, style, medium, size, period and more.

After over a decade of research, our artificial intelligence technology (AI) is able to automatically assess potential market value of any artwork. We registered a company Art2score Inc. to build a platform for art-related investment research powered by AI.

Art2Score Inc

Art2Score’s team has backgrounds and experience in fine art, Natural Language Processing, AI-software development, and fin-tech. Art2Score’s mission is to improve existing historical art sales databases with more advanced AI-based technologies. The firm’s first product, ArtValue.ai aims to be the first source for art market intelligence.

The technology behind the value assessment is quite sophisticated. It is a secure cloud-based platform that works on a proprietary cross-disciplinary deep learning model for predicting artwork value and market pricing. Our method is based on combining both aesthetics (value) and (market) price prediction into a single predictive framework.

We apply this method to build the (value) profiles of any artworks. The profiles serve our users as foundation for art value prediction and market price. The value (charts) are modeled and computed by the back-end software (AI) trained up on a data set related to over 1 million of auction results.

Art As

As interest in fine art investing continues to increase, the AI-based value assessment will address the biggest obstacle to us art as an asset for investing. And the art itself can be appreciated not only for its aesthetic attraction but is valued as an investment.


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