Tumour Trace Limited

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In brief

Tumour Trace is dedicated to developing innovative, patented cancer screening and diagnostic technology. Based on peer review research our in- vitro portable screening device has been validated following proof of concepts in the UK, Serbia and India. Our vision is to enable screening covering all cancers to be available to everyone, everywhere.


Our patented Opto-Magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy (OMIS) brings together optical reflectance microscopy and Brewster angle microscopy into a method that is able to differentiate between normal and cancerous samples.

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The method does not rely on specific cancer biomarkers and is therefore theoretically able to detect any cancer. We have validated the method with cervical, bowel and prostate cancers using epithelial tissues, biopsies and blood plasma.

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Tumour Trace’s method has the potential to revolutionise early cancer detection. With accuracy close to the gold standard and at a price orders of magnitude less than current techniques, Tumour Trace is working to make cancer screening available to everyone, everywhere.


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The Nottingham-based privately-owned company has made an impressive fist of developing the OMIS (Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) cancer detection system