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Short-term Objectives

  • To drill further wells in Hot Creek Valley, Nevada

Medium-term Objectives

To maximise shareholder value by:

  • Drilling further wells;
  • Moving the Hot Creek Valley discovery up the value chain to ‘Proved Reserves’;
  • Acquiring a trading facility on a recognised exchange.
  • Continuing to collect high quality data to inform future development;
  • Establishing an industry partnership to enable large-scale exploration and development of the Hot Creek Valley property.


Brian McDonnell – Chief Executive Officer and Chairman
Brian graduated from Dublin City University with a business studies degree and worked in manufacturing for a number of years before setting up and successfully running his own training company.   Brian has extensive experience of bringing large and complex projects to fruition.  He has been CEO of U.S. Oil & Gas since it was founded in 2009.

Peter Whelan – Audit/Remuneration/Contracts
Working in law enforcement, compliance and management in Ireland since 1982, Mr. Whelan has held various roles in the enforcement of, criminal, public health, environmental and sea-fisheries law. Mr. Whelan has had responsibility for developing, managing, reviewing and renegotiation of service contracts across the public service.

Karim Akrawi – Exploration Director
Karim Akrawi is currently General Director for Geodynamics Worldwide, the company responsible for developing and implementing the Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy (IPDS or Passive Seismic) survey technology. He has presented and published numerous papers and reports on the application of IPDS and has made a significant contribution to the development of the technology as used today in oil exploration around the world.

Karim has vast experience of the oil and gas industry worldwide, including the United States.  He was Senior Exploration Geologist with Abu Dhabi Company (ADCO) for Onshore Oil Operations from 1980 to 2008, an enterprise currently producing 1.8 million barrels of oil per day. He has also been involved in major discoveries and field development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and elsewhere in the Gulf exploration area. His expertise includes formulating well proposals, planning and supervising drilling operations, carrying out geological and feasibility studies, preparing conceptual field development plans, evaluating the economics of well development, estimating probable oil and gas reserves, and risk analysis.

Brian McBeth – Independent Non-executive Director
Dr. McBeth trained as an economist and worked in the financial sector in the City of London between 1979 and 2008  specialising in oil companies. He is a former director and Head of Oils at Schroder Securities Ltd and Senior Oil Analyst at Cominvest, the asset management arm of Commerzbank AG.  He has been a consultant to The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, The Economist Intelligence Unit, and for IDEA/ The London School of Economics.

Company founder Jimmy Guiryjimmy
Sadly, Jimmy Guiry, co-founder and past chairman passed away on January 9, 2012.  It was Jimmy’s vision that led the company to explore in Nevada, a vision that the company is now bringing to fruition.

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U.S. Oil & Gas plc

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