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Money is flowing into the market, whatever the crisis

Money is flowing into the market, whatever the crisis


So onto the Eurovision Fear Contest... Nul points this time is awarded to...

Cyprus !! 

I'm not going to comment as plenty of others have and you can decide for yourself whether nicking people's savings is a good idea... (I suspect behind the scenes it was announced to scare people into accepting some other deal which if they hadn't scared them with this they wouldn't have accepted).

No I have no idea what that long-winded sentence meant either but frankly I can't be bothered to re-write it!

However you may have noticed yet again the markets get bought up on any bad fall.

Even 6 months ago the market would have fallen and stayed lower and gone lower still. For now at least panic and fear seem to have disappeared.

Doesn't matter what the crisis is, the money is flowing in to buy it up again.

Of course we don't know when fear will return and sentiment can change fast. However in general the trend stays up. Looks like something really bad is going to happen to cause a real big fall.

Great news from the budget that AIM shares will be stamp duty free from next April! But surely this should have gone further to ALL shares..

It seems crazy to have to pay a tax to buy a share.

Indeed I have an excellent idea: No stamp duty on any share as long as it is held for more than six months to encourage people to hold shares for months rather than hours. You pay it initially but get a refund when selling it if after 6 months.

But best news of all for me this year is it looks like at last we will be able to place AIM stocks into ISAs.

Although why do we have to wait? Why can't they just say, okay you can go ahead now? Idiotic!

I know over the years I have missed loads of good ones because I couldn't put them in an ISA though of course I could do spreadbets.

However with some of the smaller ones sometimes you couldn't get a spreadbet on.

For example just recently as those who came to the last two seminars know I was keen on 32 Red (LON:TTR) - results are good but mainly I would hope there is a good chance of it getting bought out by one of the main bookmakers.

I bought them up mainly for my pension as AIM stocks are allowed in there and got a nice lot at 41 and at 45, and a few more last week.

However as they aren't very liquid IG wouldn't let me have many although lucky for me spreadex did and I built a nice stake with them. 

But.. if I could have put them in an ISA I would already be in a very nice tax free profit. So just one example this new freedom to put AIM into ISAs will give me. It reports tomorrow and it could be a down day on a sell on the news thing but I'd be tempted to buy more on any weakness.

Another example is one I have made tons on inside the ISA if AIM was allowed is the lovely LOQ (LON:LOQ), and again it has mainly been spreadbets and pension buys.

I bought some more earlier this month (900 at 547). Already in profit by more than £20,000 on these for the website and a lot more than that personally.

Yet another great contract win announced today - it could easily get to a tenner this year.

I've asked for ten grands worth of new issue E-Sure. 

I wasn't totally e-sure about it but insurer Direct Line (LON:DLG) has seen decent profits for me from the recent float so decided to give it a go. The dividend is going to be good so I guess I will just tuck it away in the ISA and forget about it for long-term growth and dividends.

It made 110% more profit in 2012 than the previous year, so not bad.

I don't know yet if I will get the lot or be scaled back - if you applied for some the shares should arrive in your account tomorrow or Friday. I'll let you know how many I got next update.

Got a lovely short in Trinity Mirror (LON:TNI) at 118 - banked that today at 90 for a nice profit of £1,120, won't add that to the site as it was done between updates - I did get a bit lucky though as the hacking arrests helped rather a lot. 

I bought some William Hill (LON:WMH) on Monday after they went ex rights, getting then on a spreadbet at 378p. William Hill are in a good spot at the moment. They are snapping up other companies and figures look good. Worth a gamble for me.

I still haven't been selling, just some small tidying up.. The last bit of Optos (LON:OPTS) went at 196 for a profit of £424 Sold the small bit of Avon (LON:AVON) bought recently at 413, profit £111, held onto the main bulk though.

Fenner (LON:FENN) just can't get above 420, it tried a few too many times for me so I exite d at 419 for a profit of £420. 

Generally I am kind of thinking this about me and the markets at the moment.

That is, I've made more money this year already than I expected in the whole year. Yeah, I know lucky me, smug git, aren't I clever etc. When one is boasting It probably means it is close to time to quit and take profits.

If you are going round telling friends what a market whizz you are it is odds on it is about to bite you in the bum hard.

However.. there is a chance markets could go higher still with the trend. Which is why I am waiting.

I perhaps should be thinking of taking more profits soon. Indeed, I am seriously thinking of having the whole summer off from trading and come back in September.

A summer of holidays and no worries about markets. It is feeling more and more appealing as I write this. Sipping cocktails in the garden, sunglasses on (are you crazy we are talking UK here!) who cares what the market is doing.

Which I guess if you enjoy the website not so good from your point of view as probably the website would take a similar break. 

We'll see. I think if the market looks like it is going to fall I would be crazy not to execute that plan. I'll keep you posted..but to warn you in advance it's pretty certain the site will take a long break this summer.

But I expect to return in September - however overall I've been doing this website for 13 years and 3 years before that on Sky. So I suspect sometime next year I will be bowing out. 


NMC Health (LON:NMC) duly made it into the FTSE 250 causing a further lovely rise. Sitting on some very nice profits, up 150 points on the first buy and 60 on the second. It is tempting to bag the profits but they still look strong for now as funds buy in.

The recent spreadbets continue to kick on. Filtrona's (LON:FLTR) placing yesterday was received very well indeed and is becoming a very nice spreadbet as does the CSR (LON:CSR) one, and Senior (LON:SNR) - they are all heading towards their target areas. Again, not too far off taking the money.

Dialight has really kicked higher and directors have been piling in with share buys so happy with the recent top up. It tried to get above 1400 but failed for now but I don't think it will be too long. Still happy if it can hold around 1300 for now as there is no update for a while.

I remember so well buying these at 150 ish at a seminar in 2009 ! I never thought I'd still have them three years later at 12 quid - website profits are up and over £70,000 and personally profits over £100,000.

I think Dialight's (LON:DIA) 20 year light is going to be a massive winner and it could end up being a mega company unless it gets bought.

The recent Brammer (LON:BRAM) trade has been a big success so far. Looking for it to hit around 400.

Pendragon (LON:PDG) has motored up, looking for 25p on that one. The brilliant Low and Bonar has conquered 70p, dare I hold out for 80?

Filtronic (LON:FTC) continues to rocket and today goes over 75p and targets highs of a year or two ago. Profit are huge now, over £15,000 but it might be one of those shares that carries on going up so sticking in there. Of course it is a risky one, as any negatives would see it hurtle back down.

Recent trade Huntsworth (LON:HNT) surprised me by breaking through 50 and has run up to the target. Just sticking in there.

RWS (LON:RWS) continues to do well, up nearly 200 points on this one, nice. The spread is a bit of an irritant though.

The lovely Porvair (LON:PRV) has closed above 200 what a star trade... and is doing nicely today.

Costain (LON:COST) has really been a big star too and now pushes 300, up more than 100 points now on the first buy.

Coastal (LON:CEO) remains in a short-term downturn but even so than trebled on this brilliant oil play. I suspect a bid will come in here this year at hopefully around the 1800-2000 mark. For the moment there is no news so it drifts.

Telecom Plus (LON:TEP) tries hard to get above the tricky tenner. All looks on track and I would expect a nice steady rise this year. It seems to have cracked the 900 area for now - cracking a tenner is going to take a few attempts, Website profits of well over £100,000 and personal profits of more £300,000. I just continue a long-term holder. 

It held a big meeting with distributors at the weekend and announced an amazing mobile package making it cheaper than anywhere else, making it a much easier sell for distributors. A ten per cent discount off a whole year's bill for phone/broadband/energy for new gold customers is very enticing too .

If you would like to become a customer through me, save money on your bills AND so get my weekly email, email me at [email protected] with "Email sub" in the subject line and will tell you how.

Vislink (LON:VLK) is sitting at 31p and looking for it to go to 37p ish. Management already forecasts some nice profit rises over the next 3 years and it looks cheap and at some point should get a rerating. Very low risk too and it is in a hot sector.

Nichols (LON:NICL)where I now sit on a fabulous profit is up again after telling the market it is ahead of expectations - it has tons of cash so I'd expect them to announce some kind of big dividend with results in March. 

Trifast (LON:TRI) is having a remarkable run, it is tempting to look at taking some profit soon, I just wonder though whether it can get into the 60s first. 

Alternative Networks (LON:AN.) has been rising very fast and cracked 300. Excellent profits there and worth being patient with them. I wonder if a bid is coming (they already turned one bidder down) . 

Sepura's (LON:SEPU) report wasn't enough to get it through the 100p area ..100 surely must be cracked sooner or later. Not quite yet. Mid 90s for now.

Fiberweb (LON:FWEB) has gone up a bit. 



Nakedtrader  was created after I left my full-time job as a finance editor for BskyB to trade full-time. I had been writing an diary page for its teletext service since 1998 and decided as I was leaving to transfer that to the internet.
These articles are simply a "diary" of my life, or what you would now call a "blog". I detail what I've bought, sold or shorted and briefly why. I use various spreadbetting companies and stockbrokers to carry out the trades. I ignore commission but also dividends and I reckon the two balance each other up.
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My reasoning for this is I simply do not want to encourage people to blindly follow me into something when they do not understand the potential risk. It's ok for me because I can afford to lose money I put into the market. It may not be the case for you.  I am generally a medium term investor holding my shares usually between 1 week and on occasions up to 3 years. Average holding time is probably about 3 months.
So one of my main messages is: don't be tempted to follow me blindly into my choices. Quite often, as I play momentum, a share I have bought may already be much higher than when I bought it, especially as I do not update every day. If you follow me blindly you may be buying at a much higher price and you may end up selling at a much lower one.
You should ALWAYS do your own research and come to your own decisions on share purchases. If you follow me into something and lose money, you only have yourself to blame and not me. You should learn about markets and understand what you are doing before entering them.
The most risky way of trading of all is spreadbetting, which I do quite a bit. You should carefully read all the warnings that the spread betting firms issue together with all the warnings in my books. And never, ever, play with money you cannot afford to lose.
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