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Naked Trader - Still not doing badly!

Naked Trader - Still not doing badly!


They've been trying to go down but still not doing badly!


As you know I'm shortly off to California for the summer road trip so only trading very lightly.


However a few shares that dropped a bit came onto my radar.

One which looked a decent buy was 888 Group (888). This online gaming company has been hit by worries over gaming taxes but they are way overdone. Recent statement was excellent and it has tons of cash. 


Anything under 130 looks like a great price and I snapped mine up at 115.7. They look a bargain now.

Another one was Xaar (LON:XAR)

I bought Xaar at 482.4  Xaar is a digital inkjet printing company that could previously do no wrong.


But management warned revenues are going to be lower for now. However the market looks to the future and that eventually looks bright with a lot of new products about to hit the market and it expects revenues to flow from those in the second half of the year so I reckon a good time to get in while it is weak before these come through.


Results from Hayward Tyler (LON:HAYT) were excellent and so I topped up yesterday morning.

Strong revenue growth, a massive increase in profit, dividend introduced.

Also what's interesting is it's in markets that could quickly grow into big ones such as cleaner power generation in India and China.

This has the feeling of a lovely under the radar-types with a potential massive future ignored by pi's who are more interested in the same ten risky oil stocks! 


I'm certainly happy to have increased my stake in Hayward and consider that probably now looking at a long-term hold of it unless anything unexpected surfaces. It looks a cheap buy up to a quid. Hoping for an eventual 130-150 from it.

And I topped up on one: Regeneris (LON:RGS) getting a new lot at 292.7. 


Already making decent profits on it and couldn't resist getting some more after it was sold off too much. 


Well the big news is Kentz (LON:KENZ) which is being taken over at 935. 


I've been bowled over with emails from many of you in this because of me and some of you have made eye-watering amounts. 


I'm really pleased for you all, and well done for sticking with it like I did from much lower prices. 


Profits for the current site positions are well over £20,000 at the bid price.

Over the years buying and selling it have made me over £100,000. My only regret is... why did I ever take profits on it previously or at all, but then hindsight is a great thing. 


I feel a bit sorry to see it go in a way but it is a lovely end to a great story. Chances of a rival bid are slim but just holding onto a few in case, and at any rate the current price is very close to the bid.

So a big farewell to lovely Kentz and will enjoy banking the last £20,000 profit for the site and a bit more than that for me in reality. And I am pretty glad I topped up for the website just a month ago!

Again, congrats to all of you who were in it.. especially Chris the builder from Wigan who bought it after one of my seminars way back when! 


The thing is, if you are in a decent company, eventually there will be a bid. 


I sold my ssy for a small loss. Not sure why it went down and thinking of buying back soon. And I sold Ams for a small profit because it was weak but I am just about to buy it back at a slightly lower price. 




Iomart (LON:IOM)proved a nice recent buy - it needs to get through 225 to go higher but is trying hard at the moment. 


And GVC (LON:GVC), what a great trade that is turning out to be, that has continued with its upward climb with capital rising and a magnificent dividend too. It's been rising steadily for some time and seems to be no stopping it for now, great profits building.

Entertainment One (LON:ETO) has climbed back up again and heads very nicely higher.  


OPG (LON:OPG) put out a statement this week the market really seemed to like, pushing it well over 100p again. This one could be a big winner, well it already is, up more that 50% on the first buy. 

Seeing Machines (LON:SEE) put out a very comprehensive statement saying how it was going to use the cash it raised recently.

A very sensible statement from what seems sensible management. Downside is it won't make money for a while, upside, if it does succeed it might end up a big company and a potential takeover target. Worth being patient with, tucking away and forgetting about.

Carpetshite reported another dismal set of figures, tons of profits on ongoing shorts on this one. I wonder if anything has been brushed under the carpet? Stores are empty, no new ideas and even the head cheese who was hoping to retire has had to stay on. The shares aren't worth a penny more than 200. They'll crack at some point. 


GB Group (LON:GB.) reported some fantastic figures this morning, what a brilliant buy and hold it has turned out to be. I am hoping for a bid for this one on a morning when I least expect it. Hoping for 220-250. 


Renew (LON:WIND) has stabilised after some lovely moves up  and look to have a brilliant future, what is not to like? 


Long-termer Porvair (LON:PRV) continues as a hold despite having more than trebled.

Vectura (LON:VEC) is having a good couple of days and climbing very well today. A bright future there. 


Accumuli (LON:ACM) has had a brilliant time, will soon be close to doubling - just a shame I sold half of them a while back but that's the way it goes. 


There are good signs of some buying in boring Polypipe, maybe it won't be boring for much longer. Patience should pay! 



KBC (LON:KBC) announced an interesting partnership today and continues to  head higher and now wish I hadn't taken part profits recently.

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