Vermeer Global Fund

The objective of the Vermeer Global Fund is to generate long term capital growth. The Fund will seek to achieve its objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of global equities that have attractive growth potential. There can be no guarantee that the Fund’s objectives will be achieved.

The Vermeer Global Fund can invest in between 30 and 60 individual stocks. The Fund is benchmark, geography and style agnostic with a high active share and invests in a highly liquid portfolio of listed equities across a wide range of market capitalisations. Since launch, the Fund has always been at the upper end of this holdings range.

In pursuing its objectives, the Fund seeks out opportunities that in its opinion offer the best opportunities for capital and dividend growth, provided the securities satisfy the investment process.

The Fund aims to identify companies which it believes will offer the prospect of capital appreciation and takes a long-term approach to selecting investments.

The managers of the Fund have a large proportion of their own liquid wealth in the Fund and so the team’s interests are highly aligned with investors.