Nigel Roberts

Broadcast Journalist

Nigel Roberts was an integral part of the Proactive broadcast team right up until his untimely passing in August, 2015. His interviews, found archived on the site, are lively, insightful, sometimes irreverent, and always entertaining. He provoked discussion rather than confrontation - or shed light, rather than bringing heat to a debate, as he would have put it. Nigel was an award winning business journalist and commentator. He was the lead anchor on the international business channel, CNBC, interviewing leading CEOs and politicians in Europe and the US. He was a presenter and editor at the BBC, presenting Business Breakfast, World Business Report and Financial World Tonight. He has worked as a business correspondent for Working Lunch, Channel 4 News and BBC News and produced and directed documentaries for the BBC, Sky and ITV. His journalism has appeared in the Independent, Wall Street Journal, INSEAD Knowledge and the Financial Times.