OTC Markets

BevCanna Enterprises welcomes cannabis facilities design expert Adam Clarke...

Clarke is co-founder and CEO of consultancy Stratus Designs Ltd, which specializes in the...

21 hours, 26 minutes ago
Small caps

WeedMD enters into a commercial arrangement with leading Canadian retailer,...

The company will manufacture, package and ship the retailer's Revity CBD product line, expected...

22 hours, 53 minutes ago
Small caps

Empower Clinics sees record patient visits and revenue per patient during...

Patient volume at Empower’s network of clinics across the US hit 2,317, while its revenue per...

23 hours, 11 minutes ago
Small caps

Zelira Therapeutics set to roll-out products in more US states using...

The company has successfully launched licensing deals in different jurisdictions, undertaking...

1 day, 5 hours ago


Analyst Ryan Long asks if we could be facing a sustained uptrend in the...

Proactive analyst Ryan Long says silver has been turning heads in recent months and there are signs of a sustained near-term uptrend that could extend for some time. He says the gold-silver ratio has now risen from a low of 34.7:1 in April 2011, its lowest level since 1979, to its highest level...

5 hours, 18 minutes ago

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Sigma Labs -
Trio of tech groups step into the spotlight to star in Proactive's next virtual forum - UPDATE

Attending the virtual event on Tuesday, August 11 are TraceSafe Inc, Sigma Labs Inc and...

2 days ago
Small caps

The gold-silver ratio reaches its highest level in 87 years from its lowest...

The gold-silver ratio indicates how many ounces of silver are required to buy one ounce of gold....

1 day, 17 hours ago

The return of generalist funds to gold is helping to drive the price even higher

Gold is the safe haven for investors at times of significant economic uncertainty

4 days, 23 hours ago
Deep dive

Zelira Therapeutics accelerates transition to revenue-generation with...

Zelira is undertaking product development programs targeting specific conditions and human...

6 days, 9 hours ago

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